- Categories will be: Fantasy and Historical (entries can be SINGLE or DIORAMA)

- Entry sizes will be: (TBD)

- There can be no loose pieces; everything on the figure/diorama must be secured.

- Each entry must have your badge number and the entry's title.

- No additional work on an entry is allowed once it has been registered. The only exception is repair in the unlikely event that the entry is damaged while on display.

- Entries can be submitted at the REGISTRATION DESK (ask for Gaming Director).

- Entries will be accepted until (Time and Day TBD). The entries will be displayed near the REGISTRATION DESK and judged.

- The winners will be announced in the GAME ROOM at (Time and Day TBD). Entries may be picked up after (Time and Day TBD).

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On Sunday, an area will be set up where gamers can trade or sell games, miniatures, etc. So dig your "unwanted" figures out of the closet and bring them along. Remember, Bayou Wars is not responsible for watching your "stuff", so plan on staying by your table while your figures are out!

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